New Android Head Unit

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I posted something like this back in April and got some useful replies but had so many problems I lost the will to live!! PC packed up at same time too to make matters worse! But here goes anew and a bit more enlightened.

I’m now starting again with a similar unit. It has a Ford Quadlock/ISO connector and is supposedly plug and play (pray!)

That said I connected it as per instructions. Simple, plug it in, connect radio antenna just to see it it powers on, screen comes on, and radio works. If all that happened OK I was going to get a professional installer to connect the various loose wires and instal a rear parking camera at the same time. 

Problem? Completely dead - no power. Put old unit back, power OK. Tried again after checking the fuse. Same completely dead. This is the second time this has happened. So, I conclude it is me. Something not connected/done? I don’t want to get an AV engineer if the unit is faulty as I will end up with a wasted call-out charge.

Any ideas? Not losing the will to live this time.

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You may need to switch the wiring around from ACC to Memory and delay feed wires. What make and model aftermarket is it. Maybe google the loom supplied and compare feeds from car.

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