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Ford Focus mk1 cooling fans always on

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Hi everyone. I have a ford focus mk1 2002 1.4l 75hp and it has the fallowing problem.

Cooling fans that cool the radiator are always on max speed even at cold start when i turn the fans from inside on. It doesn't matter on what speed i turn them or if i turn the heat on or not. I changed both cooling fan relays (it has 2 because the fans have two speeds), inside fan resistor and radiator cooling fans resistor. The probleme is still there. On the radiator fans rezistor located between the two fans is a metalic part like an arch. When the fans inside the car are on, that arch is heating up very fast. Like 2 secons. Like it's beeing shorted out. If i stop the fans inside, the arch is cooling down. That's why the radiator fans go on max, because the resistor next to the arch is picking up the heat and it believes that my radiator is hot.

If i take out the relay for the first speed of the radiator cooling fans, the problem dissapears. The cooling fans stay off and come on only when the engine is hot even if my fans from inside are on. As I said, I tryed other relays and tested my relays on another focus. Did the same with the resistor assembly between the radiator fans and the same with the fan rezistor from inside the car. Any ideeas?

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