Front Fog Lights

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Hello there all,

Brand new to all this as bought my first ever Focus the other day. Bought as a necessity but now actually really pleased with it. Great car.

Anyway, it seems I have a fairly low spec. car so wanted to make it look a bit better. It doesn't even have alloys but my main question so far is the ease with which front fog lights can be fitted. Will the wiring be there for me to plug straight into? The switch will need to be changed, but will that work automatically? 

Has anyone done this before and can they offer any tips please?

Any help will be very gratefully received.

Many thanks,


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The wiring is partialy there. There's a multiplug behind the bumper that does other functions with the front fog wiring, but the wiring harness from the multiplug to the fog lamps is not there. 

The switch just needs plugging in , then enabling in the body control module using either foccuus software or forscan software( both free downloads) using a laptop and an elm327 adapter. 

Basically I would go to a scrapyard and obtain the switch,fog lamps and chrome surrounds with the wiring harness . 

I have done this with new parts for a customer a few years ago 

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