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6000cd AUX low input volume


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I've picked up my new Fiesta Zetec, 2007 this afternoon. One niggle noted so far is the 3.5mm input is very low in volume. Ie, at car volume to max 30 and my iPhone and an iPod both cranked up to maximum the volume simply quiet. Change from AUX to Radio and the speaker blast out full volume radio 2, no problem.

The radio is the 6000cd with the Phone / mute button on the bottom right corner

I've done the following:

An iPhone, an iPod, 2x different 3.5mm leads have all tried in the Fiesta in different combinations. These items all work, as expected in the wife's Kia Ceed and in the home hi-fi. So i don't think my gadgets are at fault.

Can anyone tell me if there are any known glitches or issues with the aux function? 

Is there anything i can do on any audio menus to increase input volume? Given the source volume it loud.

What else?




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I've sussed the issue out this morning.  I tried a squirt of Servisol Switch Cleaner into the socket and wiggled a 3.5mm jack plug in/out. It was obvious that the socket had a lot of crud in it so created a high resistance to the audio out from the iPhone.  Looking around the gear stick gaiter clip there was signs of sticky coffee or cola had been spilled around the centre console, over the years.

Now i get full volume from the aux socket. 👍 


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