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Strong Judder

Tiny Kimono

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Morning All,

Less than 1500 miles on the Ranger, and on 2 seperate occasions when driving the car has developed a strong engine judder.  Both times it has commenced mid-drive, with no engine management lights illuminated.

Clearly I will be in touch with the dealer to get resolved, but any ideas on what might be causing this on an all but brand new vehicle?


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Morning, quick update for anyone following thread.

Following this post the Ranger lost all power on the dual carriageway returning home, and had to be recovered.  Really strong judder, and actually caused engine management light to come on.  Error code was related to injector for cylinder 1.  Recovered to dealer, whole new set of injectors installed, and running ok for now.

Biggest worry is that because there was a known injector issue with the 2.0 ecoblue engine (https://www.parkers.co.uk/vans-pickups/news/2019/ford-ecoblue-diesel-injector-failure/) the initial injector change was completed at the dealer before I took delivery of the car.  This means with 1600 miles on the clock, I am on injector set 3!

Will update with any further issues here.


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I found this thread after getting a violent missfire/juddering on my way home this morning when it was under load (or I was accelerating a lot). I have phoned our local main dealer and they stated they were unaware of any injector issues so will certainly show them this article.

They can't book it in for 11 days though!!!!!

Ranger is a 2.0 ecoblue with a build date of 2019!


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