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Focus MK2 Zetec Petrol 1.6 2005

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I bought this focus in 2016 and last week the alternator died. I pulled out the alternator and saw a stamping of Jul-1999 while the car was manufactured in 2005. For sure, the last dealer put in a used alternator on this one before selling to me. Seems to have done 21 years (1 lac miles on my focus) so can't blame this alternator.

My query is - should I go for same 80 Amp alternator as attached?  Or should I purchase a 105 amp Denso 105 Amp - as shown on most site by my car registration number?

Also, there are two belt pulley dimensions mentioned on the sites: 48.3 mm (105 amp) and 50 mm (120 amp). What are these? Belt is around 20 mm wide so these readings are not widths. Is this petrol vs diesel variation or should I be careful while purchasing.

Lastly - is more amperage any harmful to the wiring/parts?


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Thanks for replying Eddie...

I was able to get a new one at amazon for £100... Changed it myself.

but I am amazed no one took interest in answering my post except you...

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