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Gearbox problems

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Hi guys,

Having a gearbox issue with my 2005 mk2.5 focus 1.6 petrol, I had the clutch done about 1000 miles ago and now I'm having issues with it going into certain gears, gear 1, 3 and 5 are very hit and miss, seem spungy so go in and want to seem to try and spring back out rather than go in, 2 and 4 are absolutely fine, also noticed when I take of sometimes I'm getting a knocking underneath depending how quickly I accelerate...does this sound like the gearbox mount? 




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Concerning the gearbox- get the hydraulic fluid and gearbox oil levels checked, remember that hydraulic fluid does degrade and attract water so can become contaminated / less effective.

Regards the knocking- could be mounts but is it possible it's just wheel tramping caused by 'enthusiastic' acceleration?


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