2009 2.0 tdci non starter

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Hi guys, still trying to chase this non start issue on a 2009 2.0 tdci. After having p0087/p0088/p0088 faults come up I've replaced the fuel filter as a first port of call. This hasn't solved it but my scanner is showing more than it did before. I had no pressure at all when cranking last time but now i have a very very low average 16-19psi. How can I tell if I have a faulty rail pressure switch or bad hp pump? Thanks guys



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By substitution.... or whip out the injectors and take 'em to a diesel specialist for them to test.. cost around  a tenner each + vat  usually. 

Taking out the pump to be tested is a bit of a job, (and costs around £100 just  for a test) so cheaper bits 1st. Try to buy used parts as new prices can be stupid. 


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