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67 plate - 3.2 Ltd (Loss of Power)

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Wonder if any of you can me help out with a problem I have with my ranger, 1 month ago I was driving along the expressway and suddenly heard an air like whooshing noise come from my vehicle and then I started to lose power, I managed to get it safely to the side of the road and let it settle for a couple of minutes before starting it again, it started ok however it struggled to get out of 2nd gear..  fortunately for me the ford garage (Evans Halshaw) was at the next junction and I eventually managed to get my vehicle to their service area.. I explained to the service department what had happened and said that I thought maybe it was the turbo that was away.. sadly the service desk were not interested and were more concerned that I had brought it directly to them as they were understaffed..advising me I should have booked it in 🤔  anyway the guy at the service desk said he would call me later that day and let me know what was wrong with it.. end of day I received no call, 

Next day no call from them again... ☹️

Day after that I called the service department and asked for an update on my vehicle.. again the service desk seemed uninterested in helping me,  again I was told they would phone me back.. sadly no call. Anyway another week passed and I have called every day for an update on my vehicle to just get told they would call me back.. 


Eventually after some peed off calls from e I get told it's the gear box module that's away and they have ordered a new one, 3 days later I call and get told the same story saying that they have ordered a new gear box module and are waiting on it arriving into their works,  


Another week passes and still no update on my vehicle, I continue to call every day to get an update and sadly j keep getting told it's more complicated than they first thought and it mate need a whole new wiring loom (don't know what that means?)  


Anyway start of this week after my vehicle being in for now 4 weeks I get told it's the ECU that is away and they are now waiting on a new one being delivered from Germany and this takes approximately 5-7 days to arrive and then after it arrives approximately 5 days to fit and re-programme.


I know it's a bit of a long winded story here and I apologise for that however is what I have been  told by Evans Halshaw correct or just bulls-it??







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