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Focus 2018 Mk4 St-line Steering Issue

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Hi all,

I bought a second hand Ford Focus 2018 mk4 st-line automatic a few months back. Generally happy with the vehicle except there appears to be something iffy with the steering.

It seems that when the car is warm at lower speeds the steering wheel always wants to turn to the right. If I'm doing <20 and release my hands off the steering wheel you can actually see the steering wheel twitch and turn to the right. If comparing to the hands of a clock it turns to about 5 past. This would take me out of the lane within a few seconds.

Also when going over uneven ground the steering wheel is extremely twitchy and moves from side to side, I'm not sure if this is normal though. Admittedly I don't know an awful lot about cars.

Took it to KwikFit for tracking who advised that the tracking was ever so slightly out but effectively it was okay and they did the repair for free. Unfortunately since then I'm still experiencing the same issue.

If anyone can shed any light on it I would be indebted!



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