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Fiesta MK7 Alarm Problem (... not again...)

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Hi, have had my 2009 Fiesta 1.6 Zetec S for nearly 18 months and the alarm has started to randomly go off (around the time of the stormy weather (Ciara and Dennis). That's over but still going off day and night (horn and flashlights). 

I've read all of the related forums that say it could most likely be the bonnet or boot switch. I've flushed the bonnet sensor with WD and moved the boot catch up 5mm to provide better contact. 

I can't afford the Ford garage charging me over £100 just to diagnose before any repair, so I could really do with some help please. 

I don't get any message on the dash apart from the alarm is activated, check vehicle. I don't get any message whilst driving saying my bonnet or boot is open either.

I'm going to (nervously) try bridging the connection for the bonnet sensor later today after work (with a paperclip?), but after reading all the forum posts, I'm thinking without the bonnet message that it could be something else. But what? I don't have any trouble starting the car on a cold winter morning, so don't think it's the battery

Can anyone please give any further pointers, incl possibly how to temp shut the alarm off as its a real nuisance to my neighbours and family! 

Thanks in advance. 

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