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Cooling fans alway on (Focus 2004 SE Duratec 2.3 PZEV)

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Hi everyone.

Should the fans always be active, even with the engine cold?

I know that the normal thing in a car is that the fans are activated when the engine reaches a certain temperature.In the case of my Focus, the fans always activate when I turn the key to the ACC position. The wiring is connected correctly according to the wiring diagram for this model, according to what I have reviewed.

Someone in some forum told me that in the case of the Ford Focus with Duratec 2.3 PZEV Motor the fans are activated when the key is turned to the ACC position. Is this situation normal in Focus with Duratec 2.3 PZEV engine?   My car is a SE 2004 2.3 PZEV. Here, where I live, this engine configuration is rare. Most of the Ford Focus of this generation have a ZTEC engine and not a DURATEC PZEV, so I don't have an easy way to contact any FOCUS owner locally who has a DURATEC 2.3 PZEV engine to confirm if the fans turn on at turn the key to the ACC position. Nor can I check with the local distributor, because here Ford did not distribute the Ford Focus if not until a couple of years ago. All Focus here were imported by individual people.

If it is not normal for fans to turn on in this way, could someone of you indicate the steps to follow in order to find the source of the fault?

Beforehand thank you very much.

(PS. I hope you can understand me, I don't speak much English).

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I'm not an expert on the Duratev PZEV engine but my understanding of PZEV technology in general is that one way "partial zero emissions" are met is to run the cats hotter than normal and get them up to that working temperature as quickly as possible by mounting them a lot closer to the engine - so I wouldn't be surprised if that meant having additional cooling for components that you don't want overheating. 

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