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Interior map/dome lights - LED

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This is the first time i saw those kind of LED replacement bulbs.  For what it is worth,  best get the short T10 type of bulb.  If it cannot be affixed onto the socket,  please don't use them as they might "melt" your map light housing lens.

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I'm a new member to this forum. I drive a '19 Edge Titanium that came with HID headlights and everything else is LED. We just bought my wife a '20 Ecosport Titanium. I changed the back up, license plate, dome, reading, visor mirror, cargo, and glove box lights all to LED. They give a brighter whiter light than the stock bulbs. They are relatively inexpensive, and  plug right in the existing sockets with no problems. There are many different brands out there so do your research before you buy. There are also many how to videos on You Tube to guide you. I also changed the high and low beam headlights, and the fog lights to Sylvania ZXE bulbs for a brighter/whiter light.

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