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Ford Focus 1 litre Ecoboost Misfire Cylinder 3

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Hi all,

I am after any advice if anyone has had the same issue.

Sunday my car engine management light flashed on and off and car went into limp home mode, got recovered to a garage AA report said P069212 Radiator Fan 1 Short to B+, P030092 Misfires, different cylinders, P030392 Cylinder 3 misfire detected.

The garage in London (as I was nowhere near home) replaced spark plugs and igniton coil, left and 5 miles down the road I'm calling the AA again as engine management flashed on and off and in limp home mode.

Got recovered home to my garage the AA report this time was Engine control 1 - ZA4/Motronic MED 17.0.1P069212 and the 3 previous errors

My Garage have said excessive oil consumption, the new spark plugs the London garage put on are covered in oil after only doing 5 miles and the car has misfire smoking badly.

I have arranged for my car to be recovered to a Ford Dealer now for further investigation (which they can't look at till next week) I'm already £500 down and feeling let down by my car.

My car is a 64 plate only done 49000 miles

Any one who's had the same would love to hear from you

Debbie Ford

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