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Rust on a well kept 2015 Mk3.5

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Thoroughly enjoy owning and driving my Titanium hatchback ... as recommended by many Ford owners, if anything goes wrong, I just shrug my shoulders and say "Well, it is a Ford!"

But I have to admit I muttered something a little profane the other day when I was cleaning the car and found rust bubbling up on the two rear wheel arches.

The car has done 90k miles in almost 5 years but has been well loved and cared for.

Should I be just shrugging my shoulders etc etc?!  I was hoping to get 150k from the machine.


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you might still get 150k from it, but it might have gaffer tape round the rear arches to keep the MOT tester happy (you don't see many cars these days with tape on the arches and bottom of doors). That does sound quite poor, I would have hoped for it to go 10 years before rust appears on the arches. Is it a bit of a trap round there for mud and dirt to lodge and stay damp? 

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Rust in the rear wheel arches is about the most common area to go on the Focus models, same on the MK2> Fiestas, the problem is caused by the felt wheel arch protectors, they soak up water and stay constantly wet, why they were felt and not plastic only the designers at Ford can tell you that. Get it seen to asap as the rot will only get worse and it's also an MOT fail.

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34 minutes ago, m50e30 said:

Get it down the dealership and see what they have to say

This...  12 year perforation warranty should cover it as long as it hasn't been caused by an external source (unrepaired stonechip etc).  

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