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Ford Focus mk2 ASR, ESP issue after odometer write

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Hi All,

I have a Ford Focus MK2 2.0 l petrol car. I tried for curiosity to write the odometer on my car with FORScan. I was able to increase the km value, but not to decrease it from the "odometer write" menu. Than I tried to use the menu under IC programming, called "write odometer value in km" or so. As I wrote the former value from this menu, the decreasing also didn't succeeded, but many problems came instead of.

The problems I got:
- auxiliary heater failure (the car isn't equipped with such that)
- EPB malfunction (the car isn't equipped with such that)
- a lot of configurations altered (chime beeping continuously in reverse gear; speed warning chime at 120 km/h; the 5 km/h offset is gone; the engine is cutting off at 7000 RPM - normally it could run up to 8000 RPM - ; I got an extra menu item, "hill launch assist", which would be nice, if it would work)
- And the worst of all, the ESP and ASR are completely gone. It doesn't shows up like a failure, it is invisible for the system. Even the check light won't show up when I set the car on ignition.

I tried to reprogram all the systems with IDS, but it doesn't helped, I could only get rid of the reverse gear warning, the auxiliary heater, and EPB warning (I set the last 2 to unequipped). The other nasty problems are still there, and the car won't recognize that she has an ESP and ASR.
I used the newest version (2.3.29) of FORScan, with VXDIAG VCX nano, for the odometer write procedure. The car is a Ford Focus MK2 2.0 l petrol version, with 145 HP / 107 kW, from 2005, engine code is AODA, the ECU is a Visteon ESU13 5M51-12A650-SD 3CGD.

Could someone please help me with this issue? With some AS built data, or maybe with a factory default flash image for the systems in the car, or something, which can revert those to the original state.

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