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Focus 2006 Non-Abs disc wheel bearing?

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Hi, I am having an issue with my recently purchased Ford Focus 2006 with rear disc non-abs model hub, it seems that one of the wheel bearings or both is shot, at first I thought it might be the fuel pump as I got a code for it but it gets louder with speed which would point the issue towards the wheel bearings, however upon taking off the pads to eliminate the possibility of them stopping it from having side to side and top to bottom play I wasn't able to move either of the sides, I am not sure if its because the part comes as a complete hub with the wheel bearing inside it compared to most cars having to remove just the bearing but doing delivery work everyday its a bit worrying and I would rather make sure its one of the bearings rather than throwing parts at it and hoping for the best as my budget is very small, any experts on here that could confirm my suspicion please? 
Noise starts from about 40km/h and gets louder and louder.
I've included 2 videos of the diagnosis as well as some photos for reference.

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