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Hesitant on purchasing a focus st mk2


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Just requiring help and feed back. After a long hard thinking debate for a very long time in my head I have whittled it down to wanting a focus st. It was between the st and astra vxr.  You guys have probberly heard all this spiel before, but here I go. Im looking at purchasing a focus st mk2, at first I was all for it and jumping feet first and away I go. But as I look into it deeper are the storys about cracked liners, clutch slipping common. I know its the risk you take with buying any used car that problems can arise but how common is it. I will be using the car as a daily driver 10000 miles a year. Mpg does not bother me at all because you dont purchase a car like this to potter and hopfully get the best mpg you can. Wont be looking at any heavy mods to the engine, probbely only lowering and exhaust. I thought it would be nice as a family car and then a bit of fun when Im in the car by myself. I have about 6k to purchase the car, but apprehensive now on the bits I have read here and there. Will 6k get anything decent in the current market at the moment. 

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Fortunately for you ST's seem to be going for pennies atm. The market really sucks for anyone trying to sell. 6k should get you a decent example, although depends if you're after a pre-facelift or facelift model and whether you want ST-2 or ST-3.

The clutch slipping is only an issue once you start going for more power. I really wouldn't worry about it on stock power.
The liners are a complete lottery, but as long as you warm it up properly before ragging it, then you should be fine. There is a thing called the "block mod" where they shim the gaps in between the engine so there's nowhere for it to expand to. Personally I think it's a bit of a gimmick and still heard of people having cracked liners after the block mod.

Driveshafts are very common for going, especially once lowered. I don't know many people who's had an ST and not been through a set of shafts lol.

Oh and pretty much every mk2 ST is 10 years old now so should've had the cambelt and water pump changed by now. Make sure you have proof of this before buying.

I'd say Astra VXR's are more fun when stock (even if it does torque steer you off the road every-time you plant your foot), however the ST has so much more potential. The gearbox on these are pretty bulletproof where as the Astra isn't rated for more than 280hp I think. Plus you can't beat the sound of the T5, the burble and bangs are unlike any other.

Read deep enough and you'll hear horror stories about every car that will put you off. 

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I don't think the MK2 ST will gain the almost instant classic status the MK2 RS did. Nevertheless,  it is a great basis for a street sleeper with that glorious big five pot mill.

I had the same misgivings as Matthew before I bought mine. After looking at many examples I settled on a 44k miler with one owner and full service history running  290bhp at flywheel and 262bhp at the Continentals. It also has full Milltec,  block mod and RS clutch. Paid over 7k for it three years ago but money well spent as nothing has failed on it. Touch wood! I

It's still on just 50k miles and used only on high days and holidays for the odd blast and tour around . Getting the Collins cp340 conversion this spring. Can't wait!!

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