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After market security


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HiGuy`s just purchased a 2008 Focus ST, have 2 keys and one security dongle that needs to be pressed before start button will start car, my concern is if I misplace the key with the dongle the car can`t be started with spare key alone. Sequence is, open car, press brake, short press on starter button and dash lights up, short press on security dongle then press starter button and car fires up. If you don`t press security dongle car will not start.

Anyone got similar after market system with instructions, data sheet or any help of how to get rid of system, pic below shows 2 button dongle.

Any help appreciated.

Fob ST.jpg

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You'll need to trace some of the car circuits and find where it splices into and interrupts the various circuits (maybe just the starter if it doesn't turn over without pressing the button).

I'd check the engine bay and also around the gem (pass footwell) for any extra wiring and extra boxes .

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Thanks Micro,

The car turns over when starter button is pressed but won`t actually fire up unless the dongle is also pressed, it is as if ignition or fuelling is interrupted. 

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39 minutes ago, robuk2 said:

Come on Guys, is my car the only one on the planet fitted with this device.

Sounds like the perfect security device to me. If no one knows how it works how will they bypass it?


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