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Focus 2009 1.6tdci -Starting Issues


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Hi all. 

Looking for help on an issue. 

Car seems to start and not start when it decides. 

Key in ignition turn key to stsrt and it clicks. 

It will start on a bump start. Its choosing as and when to stsrt though. 


Will it be the starter motor? I know it hasnt been changed. I've changed the battery 2 year ago? 


Any help is a big help. 

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it could be starter motor. in the old days cars would do this when the carbon brushes wore down (or the commutator segments wore down). you would then give the starter motor a sharp tap with the end of a wheel spanner or something and that would be enough to make it work again temporarily.  when you got fed up with that you would dismantle the starter motor and replace the carbon brushes or recut the commutator separation grooves. But I don't think anyone really does that now - I don't even know if you can buy the carbon brushes. any more.

is the click from the solenoid on the side/stop of the starter motor or a separate relay.

also check all terminals on battery, the earth lead to chassis, the earth lead to engine, the thick cable on the starter motor

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