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Ecoboost 100bhp Engine Map

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Noob question, hopefully really simple to answer. I might be getting myself a 1.0l Ecoboost Fiesta/Focus and have seen that all one litre engines are the same 3cyl turbo, but offer different performances depending on trim.


If the hardware is the same between all models, could I get the lower end 100bhp model and upgrade the engine map to achieve a similar performance to the better models? Say another 30-40bhp?


I've seen posts about DemonTweeks Bluechip (or something like that) but it's not clear if I'd get 30%, 10% or even just 5% performance improvement. So I'm hoping you guys have some real world experience here and can tell me the reality? Cost versus gain etc. Thanks!


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I've read that too, but originally the 125 and 140 shared hardware, but more recently it's the 100 and 125 that share hardware instead. I wonder when they changed over.

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Don't know what age car you're  looking at, but just taking the Fiesta Mk 8 as an example. If you have a look at the power curves on Superchips site, all 3 versions - 100/125/140 - end up in the 154 - 158 range after the Bluefin remap. 

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