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Ford Focus 1.8 2006 starting issue

Matt Ford

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My Ford Focus 1.8 2006 has been having a issue for at least a year. The issue is that when I run the car and turn it off then try to start it again it really struggles. I have to hit the accelerator a few times to help it start. Also sometime it struggles at 3000rpm for a second. This has been going on for a while the engine light has come on today but the issue hasn’t got any worse. Any ideas gonna get the code read but I think it’s gonna be a separate issue.  

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Check the long term fuel trim and short term fuel trim. Also monitor the throttle position sensor. The engine light might have come on because the fuel trim has increased or decreased by over 20%. Difficult to say what it is without checking the codes and fuel trims, stft, Ltft. 

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