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Need some opinions focus st vs fiesta st

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Hi everyone 

I have got a choice to buy a 62 plate focus st which has 50000 miles on the clock or a 68 plate fiesta st which has 17000 miles on the clock due to my fiesta zetec being written off.


I know the focus will give me practicality over the fiesta but the fiesta would probably be abit more fun on b roads.


So I would like your opinions please.

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The Focus ST is a good solid family car with the option of having fun when you're so inclined.

If a family car is not necessary and you just want something to have fun in then a Fiesta ST is the best option.

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Personally I'd get the fiesta.

The pre-facelift mk3 looks hideous imo. The fiesta will be better equipped and more fun to drive despite having a smaller engine (the mk3 focus ST doesn't sound amazing anyway).

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I assume the Fiesta in question is a 3 door not the 5, so if you frequently use the rear seats that is obviously a factor. The boot on the Mk 3 Focus isn't great compared to the Mk 2, and is not a lot bigger than the Fiesta Mk 8.

Otherwise, looking at a 17,000 mile car with a years warranty left, against an 8 year old with 50,000 up, I'd incline towards the newer car given that choice, but it's a bit of an "apples versus pears" comparison. Could you not find a newer Focus at a similar price to the Fiesta?

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