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Ford Focus MK2.5 shutting off fuel pump

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Hi Fellow Ford owners,

The other day, I went to fill up petrol in my Focus, where the car had about just below half of a tank.

The dashboard was showing estimated 143 Miles, and as I was topping up, the fuel pump kept cutting off. The car showed a full tank on the gauge metre, but the dashboard reading was showing an estimate of 190 Miles. I have seen higher readings of 270 before, with the tank being almost full.

I did some research on Youtube, where they were talking about air being trapped and Evap canisters.


The concerning thing now is, the miles is dropping on the dashboard reading, but the tank's gauge is still showing full.

If anybody can advise, it will be much appreciated?




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The range is calculated from your average MPG and the amount left in the tank. If your gauge is showing full then it must be your MPG that's affecting the "miles left".

How much fuel did it let you put in before it clicked? Around 20-25 litres is half a tank.

If you filled up till it clicked then the fuel line going from the filler neck to the tank will be full of fuel. My ST takes around 20 miles for the gauge to start moving.

If you want to calculate your miles more accurately then fill up till it clicks, reset the trip computer then drive till it's empty. From there you can see your true range and calculate your MPG. 

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@Luke4efc, thanks for your response.


I was only able to get around 5 litres in before the fuel pump's nozzle shut off. I've driven the car for miles since, and the fuel gauge is still showing full.

Even before putting fuel in, the gauge was showing less than half.

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