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Mihalache Marinel

Original Parking sensor

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Hello guys,

I'm new in this forum, sow please excuse if this has been disused.

I have Focus 2 year 2009 1.6 TDCI and I manage to buy rear bumper with parking sensor.The guy that sold the bumper also sold me PDC module because my car original was without parking sensors.

My big problem is I don't know how to connect the wires. Managed to connect sensor cu PDC but the rest :(

I attached a picture with the left wires.



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I've just retrofitted factory sensors to my 2005 Titanium. The PDC lives in the boot, behind the wheel arch lining on the drivers side. If you remove this, you will see the wiring that goes through a grommet in the floor down to the rear bumper. There should be under some tape, your two connectors from the car wiring that connect to the PDC somewhere before the grommet.. A beige/brown connector and a smaller black one. The wiring there looks to be the beige plug, is that what is not connected? When I got mine, this had been cut out from the previous car. If this is the case, it can be thrown away as the one within your car now should replace it.The black plug goes on the far side of the PDC, not the middle (the middle is for front sensors).

You can then stick the PDC to the sidewall or floor with some sticky pads to keep it secure. In terms of wiring, I got hold of a full bumper loom cheaply which you can swap out quickly as it connects to a plug behind the bumper which is where the wires coming through the grommet go. This is for the reverse and fog lights as well as all four sensors.    

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