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Louder car

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Hello all,

Hope you’re all doing well. I recently got myself a Focus ST3 17 Plate in Feb. 
One thing that I have wanted to do is get the car sounding good (IMO) I want it to pop and rumble. I know that it seems really stupid but I do like it. I’m not the type to sit and rev at a red light but I do like to floor it at lights and hear the car get loud. But I want louder.

i have looked at getting a miltek kit semi res so it’s not deafening. Just need some advise from people who know what they’re talking about since all my friends have nothing compared to what I have. 

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The rumble and pops/bangs are part of the map, unless you have a 5 pot like mine 🙃.

If you're after pops and bangs, you'll at the very least need to remove your cat. They're on the downpipe on the mk3 so you'll probably want a friendly mot tester as sod changing that every year. If you don't remove the cat not only you wont get any pops and bangs, but a remap will destroy it within months.

I know skorpion are popular for the mk3. I have a skorpion on my mk2 ST and it's definitely good quality. I know miltek also make some good exhausts for these, so it's just down to personal preference how loud you want it and if you don't mind droning.

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