Ford focus 1.6 tdci 2011 push button start not working

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Hi all, new here.. Wondering if anyone can help with this issue I'm having. Car has intermittent starting. I'm pretty certain the car battery is all good. Power is there however its no longer even attempting to start whilst I press in the clutch and start button. I get the occasional message : Ford Key free switch ignition off ok. I'm unsure if this is the key fobs it's having trouble with. I don't think it's the starter motor is the voltage and speed it has started has been good. I'm also unsure if there is a bad earth coming from the negative terminal on the battery. Although my friend has checked this and said it all looks good as far as voltage is concerned. My first thought is for the key fobs. The batteries in them are good. I have tried the emergency port for the fobs on the side of the steering colum and it has only started once. Any help will be greatly received. Many thanks

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I have similar issues, the car doesn't always detect the key inside the car. So all I do is press the lock/unlock buttons on the door and the key is detected as I think it resets the detection system, however in cold weather you sometimes need to put it into the centre console to detect it.

It's random why it happens, and it's been into Ford and they've know clue either so I just live with it.

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