Kuga ST Line X Suspension

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Hi All.

Im thinking of getting a Kuga ST Line X 2020 version and really like the styling of it but what's putting me off is that the Kuga ST Line X comes with a sport suspension rather than a normal suspension and I don't have a good lower back at the moment and I worry that with this sport suspension it''s not going to be as comfortable as just a normal suspension in a Kuga Titanium?

I presume Ill feel alot of the bumps in a sports suspension (will be using diesel)


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Get one of the 24 hours test drives Ford are offering.

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I'm a happy owner of a PHEV ST-line-X with 19 inch wheels, and it's true; It can be a little bumpy on bad roads..

It is not as a Citroen or Peugeot, my previous cars.

But frontseats are very good. 

Test it and you will find out!

Titanium and Vignale are 10 cm higher and maybe  more comfortable.

I don't know; I like the styling also of the ST-line-X, more sporty!

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