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My question is; In the middle of my gear-button (it's not a handle anymore...) is a L-button.

My manual says it is a low gearing and do not use it too much...

When using the car is reducing strong when reducing gasthrottle.

Does it load the battery extra?

Can somebody tell me: What's this L-button for?

Greets from Holland. 

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It's for low gearing on rough terrain so you can apply more torque without spinning your wheels.

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I've got a Kuga PHEV, and the L button has a different purpose to a normal "low" gear - in the PHEV, its designed to increase the energy harvested from braking.

When you lift off the has with the L button pressed, the car slows quickly - if you look at the Power Meter it will show much more energy is being recovered and will slow the car faster.

While you cant quite get to single pedal driving that many pure electric cars offer, you can get close to it with the L button on because the braking is decent enough to be used on its own in heavy traffic.

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