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Broken headlamp bracket


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Hi there have been forums on broken headlamp bracket on here previously,  I would appreciate any updstes and help anyone can offer. My ST3 was registered 01/03/20 and I have recently noticed my lamp loose, the lamp has been loose for some time as it has rubbed all the paint away in the corner behind the lamp.

Ford are saying someone has leant on it, i think this is a lame excuse. The car has had no bumps and doesn't look as though anyone has ever given it the boot as apart from the broken there is no scuffing, scratching or other damage apart from the paint which the paint which has gradually been rubbed away.

Also Ford have recalls on this model due to water marks inside the headlamps, plural, they take both headlamps off the car and rinse with some sort of solvent, my car is NOT on a recall list, it also only has the one headlamp with the water marks coincidentally in the headlamp with the broken bracket which points to the ONE headlamp with the water marks having been switched  out of a car which would have been on a recall.20200828_122512.thumb.jpg.3142bb23a6a59b5a09c3a353cef9859e.jpg




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Dealer applied a fix to the Mrs car under warranty. Not a recall as such but they released a service bulletin where replacement brackets have been fitted to the headlamps in place of the broken ones. It became a known issue on many.

The paint had also rubbed away under the corners of her light units and this are was resprayed very well on both, in the end. The paint rubbing was nowhere near as severe as yours.

You say your car was registered in 2020 and still has the bracket issue?? My StLx is a 69 plate and was told it already had the upgraded headlight units where the brackets don't break any longer.... Nearly 12 months in, they haven't...

Neither of ours have the water marking on the inside of the headlights so can't say anything about that other than I was told the issue was due to a lack of a breather pipe or hole on the headlight. They just drill a hole in the units if they don't have them (seemingly clean the water marks off with solvent) then put a plug with breather in said hole. Again, this I was told so can't vouch for it.


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Ps we had to take her car for an assessment initially to a Ford body repair centre and they tried saying the car had had a front end bump to break the brackets!! That theory didn't last for long after I asked the guy if he had banged his head?

I had the dealer contact them with the Service Bulletin details regarding broken brackets.... Of course the body shop came up with the excuse that they had never seen the bulletin as it was too new. Plausible but they need to listen to the customer when they tell them something.

The body shop did the respraying, the dealership applied the "fix" parts to the headlights.

Nowt is ever simple!

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Sorry, I no longer have the bulletin, only had the number regarding headlights anyway.

Brackets if I remember were fixed first, then replaced at a later date as the headlight didn't look positionally correct.

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