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Bizarre starting issue

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My neighbour has an 66 plate Ecosport. I don't know too much about it but I know its an automatic. A couple of weeks ago I heard her having problems starting it. The engine was turning over but not firing. She tried for about 5 minutes then it eventually fired up. I was chatting with her yesterday and I asked her about the problem and what was done to fix it. 

She said that after several minutes of trying, she noticed an error message on the display which said something like "Remove CD from the unit". She said she then removed the CD she had in her audio unit and the car then started. It has been fine ever since. I'm now trying to figure out what the problem was. Her taste in music isn't too bad (Motown and Northern Soul) so I can't imagine the car refusing to start because of that 😁

Seriously though, does anyone know what was going on? The CD error message might just have been a coincidence but I'm not so sure but I am confused.

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