Accessing the fuses

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I know the fuses are behind the glove box but where are the 4 screws to remove the glove box as mentioned in the owners manual? Furthermore, does it not seem are rather extreme process just to get at the fuses?

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40 minutes ago, Yokomoko said:

I thought you just squeezed both side and pushed down?

On a Fiesta, yes. This is an Ecosport which does indeed have 4 screws to remove.

Fuses should never really blow, hence they're usually tucked away. It's not so hard to undo a couple screws and remove the glovebox once in a blue moon (although it is a bit of a faff on the ecosport PFL).

The two top ones should be blindingly obvious when you open the glovebox. They're right at the front on the very top.

The bottom two are a bit harder to find. If you shut the glovebox and go right underneath at the front, you'll see 3 screws (2 facing up and 1 away from you) The 2 you are after face up and are both in-between the 2 glovebox hinges

Hope this helps lol. 

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