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Hi guy's i am looking for advice on a weird noise my car is doing. It is when the car is stood, whether it is locked, or unlocked, every 15-20seconds there is a noise that sounds similar to the locking motors actuating. The car IS NOT locking or unlocking, so i am completely baffled. Everything as far as the central locking is concerned is working as it should.

A while ago my car was not used for10 or so days, and the battery was flat, so i'm wondering if this noise could be the reason.

Any advice would be well received :wallbash:

2007 mk6.5 fiesta zetec

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It probably is repeating the last instruction so it doesn't look like it is doing anythhing. Put your ear to the door and operate the key  then compare. That will tell you if it is the locking motors then find the one that isn't sending "I have finished" to the black box.

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