Focus MK2 clutch sticks down when pressed incredibly hard.

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Hi.  This feels a bit daft.  I've had the car for a decade and it's run perfectly for me with no issues.  The clutch was changed a few years ago and was fine.  My wife who is a new and nervous driver advised that the clutch got stuck to the floor.  To cut a long story short this happened twice for her and never for me.  I worked out that my wife has reached the floor with the clutch and has pressed even harder then I would beyond where the clutch has in my opinion reached to end of its normal travel.  There is at this point a little extra give and that is when the clutch jams.  As I said I'd never have known if it were not for my wife starting to drive.  it's when you press the clutch incredibly hard.  My question is should I worry about it in that there is a problem or just not press the clutch so hard.  In my opinion the only time I would ever come close to pressing the clutch with anything near that force is an emergency stop.

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