Location of abs pump connector for abs sensors

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I'm troubleshooting an abs light on problem and am just wondering where the big block connector is, probably on the abs pump and how accessible it is to test its pins for continuity back to the abs sensors?

Can anyone tell me the colours of the wires / numbers of the pins etc.?

Also, is it correct a 2006 mk2 2.5L Ranger has only 3 abs sensors, 2 at front wheels and 1 on the rear axle?

If anyone has a pic of the wiring diagram for the abs sensors I'd be most grateful :)

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Any help at all? 😞 would anyone have a wiring diagram like the ones linked to in the Focus forum. Are there any usual colour wires I should expect to find for the abs sensors typical to a ranger? I'm  hoping to do a continuity check between the abs sensors and the main connector block at the abs pump. It'd be great if I could find a diagram labeling what pins are which sensor etc... 

Anything at all :)


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So, I have continuity from the main abs connector block to all 4 sensors.

There's no obd2 connector, it's old skool diagnostics connector in the engine bay. Can anyone tell me the terminals I need to bridge together in this connector to read the abs fault codes in the cabin via the abs light flashing? 

Also, does the abs ecu unbolt off the abs pump and is it possible to just swap this ecu with one off another same pump or do you have to swap out the complete abs pump and its ecu as a complete unit?

Cheers in advance :)

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