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Osram Night Breaker still the leader in H7?

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13 hours ago, StephenFord said:

It's all psychological anyway, they come in a lovely box with great marketing graphics, so they are obviously better LOL 😂

That reminds me, I still need to add that K&N Filter sticker to my Air Box for that extra 10bhp 😂

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On 12/31/2020 at 9:13 PM, F0CUE said:

The night breakers  originals do not last well at all waste of money. Not tried the lasers yet though. 


I don't know what they are like nowadays, but the old original ones had a reputation of doing what name suggests, Breaking at night! However I'd imagine all high output performance bulbs will have a shorter life than standard ones. I ran Philips Extreme bulbs on my last car and had no problems.

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There on along with the front fogs only see about 5m in front.

Think I'll be sticking to the longer way home tonight with all this snow. Too many hairpin bends to negotiate the other way. Should be fun.

Is it worth switching the traction control off in the snow 😆

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Just adding my tuppence worth in here.....We recently bought a Panda 100 as a runaround, it looked to have bog standard halogens in, I upgraded them to Night Breaker Lasers, a really worthwhile upgrade over the standard halogens and I do recommend them. A much brighter whiter light with an improved range. In my previous cars (Astra and Punto) I also put Night Breakers in, the Astra seemed to eat headlight bulbs, going through them on an annual basis.

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