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fiesta zetec s street pack full leather 2012 1.6ti vct

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hi guys, havnt really done much to my fiesta and dont think i will do much either, its the zetec s 1.6 ti vct with street pack and full leather

ive just had the boot switch changed as it was telling me the boot was open when driving which is a common problem with water getting in to it and also H&R 35mm springs fitted along with the powerflex rear spring upper isolators. part numbers.. H&R 29012-1 , Powerflex PFR19-2030...if you are changing your springs i would totally recommend the powerflex top rubbers as the originals were cheap foam and had disintegrated.

car also has a Ramair panel filter part number...RPF-1866 after speaking to Ramair this doesnt need re-oiled after you have washed it in soapy water, gave a nice little rasp when you rev it

also has the orsram night breaker laser h1 bulbs in the front and and the osram night breaker laser  h7

and TRW standard front brake disks with tarox strada pads on the front part numbers...TRW DF6399, Tarox 818.112 for the lucas calipers

probably getting 17 inch black wheels at some point... here she is for now with the springs fitted which might drop a tiny bit within a week.


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fixed the electric seat heater switch today on the passenger side, it wouldnt stay in when you pressed it. got the metal pin off a german seller on ebay a lot cheaper than getting the whole unit from ford!!, really easy to fit but the connector was a right bugger to get back on the end of it when i put it back in the seat as its quite a tight space 😛 il check it tomorrow see if the seat heats up lol just seems to take a while when you start the engine.

yeh i know she needs washed etc. i cant even get polish or the wax on as its been raining here non stop!

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