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My MK4 Fiesta - Puma Conversion

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The new t shirt my misses got me haha 😂 think it mite be a hint lol 😂

Hey! My name is Ben, I own a 1999 MK4 Fiesta 1.3l and I'm interested in doing a 1.7 puma conversion! Any help or advice would be appreciated! 

Right morning guys! Sorry for not being active the past couple days, been so busy with work!!! I have managed to get the clutch off finally, new parts are in baskets ready to be ordered next week or s

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8 hours ago, Chaz84 said:

Yeah a know doesn't take the sting out it tho think the guy had to say something a just looked right throw him lol like bro you said 1300 now it’s 1600 lol my misses could have killed me haha 😂

Well by rights a quote shouldn’t change really, if he quoted £1300, that’s how much it should have been. If I had a mrs, and I spent that on a car, she would have crucified me, probably.

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3 minutes ago, Chaz84 said:

Yeah eating is important health before anything bro

You know I kinda got into eating one meal a day, but of recent have been eating more cus I have some extra cash coming in. Wouldn't mind more hours but I am in a predicament, wanted to go for an engineering access course in September but full time work would make it very difficult if not impossible. On the other hand I also need to pay off over a grand or two of credit card debt, a full time job would really make the payments go smoother and last less time.

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19 hours ago, Chaz84 said:

Night school on line try that out and full time work defo worth a look at

I'm not sure if I could do that type of study with an engineering course, I would have thought it was more of a practical orientated subject rather than theory based.

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Clutch looks very nice, black diamond are very high quality design and materials. Their stage 3 is made for modified cars with extra power and torque up to 60%.😎 It looks like you are doing a cracking job with the cleanup too, it’s coming along nicely👍

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