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Key fob battery low warning.


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Hi Tracy, I'm very surprised that on a 2021 car you needed to replace the keyfob battery. If after replacing it with a brand new CR2032 the keyfob is not working I would think either the battery is not in correctly, or that the replacment battery is faulty.

Since the car is so new then there should be no charge to sort out a none working keyfob.

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Luckily, my company makes a product with an inbuilt PC board from which I have to remove the BIOS battery. I've got plenty of 2032 cells and can change one in a Ford keyfob in less than a minute.

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Changed my key fob battery twice now because I read that batteries can be duds,  Still the same annoying message every time I start the car.  Have just spotted the "open  and close the car manually with your car key three times"  trick - and it works !!

Isn't the web great.

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