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Sync 3 voice nav issue

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So I have updated to 3.4 using the USB method and all went well. 

I then completed  the map update (20Gb one) to get F9. It did the first restart but then completed very quickly after the first reset. I didn’t really think much of it but in hindsight I am not sure the second part finished correctly.

When submitting the log file Ford now has another 8.2gb file that it wants me to install. However, I cannot get this update to work. It starts  with all the correct messages but then it does nothing. 

I interrogated the files of the 8.2gb and they are exactly the same as the second half of the 20gb file. I think it’s the voice nav files. 

I did a long journey today and tried the 20gb install again. Same as the 8gb it starts as you would expect (Software installing message) but then doesn’t do anything. I had a 3 hour journey and it’s done nothing in that time. 

Not really sure what to do. My software says I have F9 but I can’t seem to get the second part installed. Anyone had similar issues or any ideas how to resolve?

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Not sure if it will help anyone but I managed to fix this by manually editing the autoinstall.lst file to only update a couple of files at a time rather than the whole lot.  Seemed to work for me and I am all updated now. 

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