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2009 Focus Mk2 Loud bang and then engine malfunction message

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Hi Everyone,

Driving home today, i was just coming off a red light in second gear, when i heard a loud bang coming from the engine bay where my steering shook a bit, then a warning came on with engine malfunction, the car still drove fine the rest of the way, but seems a bit louder and a bit jittery under acceleration.


I've checked the car dtf, which shows no errors, the warning message is now gone.


What could it be?!


I'm getting an odb2 reader tomorrow, but i'm not sure if i should risk driving it again.



Edit: to clarify i'm driving a 2009 focus mk2 1.8 diesel.

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3 hours ago, TomsFocus said:

Have you looked under the bonnet for any obvious visual defects? 

My guess would be a blown boost pipe.

I have just now and you're absolutely correct! 😀 the lower intercooler hose has popped off, i had it changed a couple weeks ago and i didn't put 2 and 2 together until this morning, lo and behold, it popped off, i just put it back on as best as i could, but not sure if it's prone to happen again, it's driving just fine again but now i'm conscious it may come off again, will need to tighten it as best as i can.

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