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Hi guys..ive always been into early ford and have lost count on how many ive owned over the last 40 years..vans are my passion and although back in the day you could buy a mint mk1 or 2 for a few hundred pounds they are now way out of my budget..mk3s and mk4s are shooting up in price so as a daily driver ive opted for a mk5 as they are fast dissapearing and the mk6s are cheap as chips..ive been waiting for the right one to come along as i wanted a real early one..finally just what i was looking for popped up on ebay..H reg mk5 is rare as mk4s were still out then and a one owner from new with only 51,000 miles on it put me in a cold sweat..it must have been one of the 1st mk5s made..i'm going to keep it totaly standard and drive it every day..bodywork is really good as expected from a 1 owner..i spray and restore old cars as a hobby so looking forward to getting this one back on the road..does anyone know how i can check how many early mk5s there are left on the road..i'll keep you all updated with pics when it arrives next week. 👍


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Quick update..the van is now on my drive and after standing for 8 years it actually jump started..fan belt snapped and its only firing on 3 but still it started..its a 1.3 ohv and by 92 on a J reg they had gone to cvh..its got to be a 1 year only and a bugger to get parts for..been sold the wrong fan belt already and £30 wasted on spark plugs..the shop computer only finds mk4 escort or cvh engines..does anyone know what else the 1.3 ohv engine was fitted to so i can stop telling them its a van 🤦‍♂️

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