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Wheel Deep Clean - How To

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They do look lovely.  But if you can see the barrels then the brakes aren't big enough! :wink: 

Could you recommend a product to seal and protect a set of brand new part painted, part diamond cut alloys?  Ideally with the best longevity and least amount off effort needed? 

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I swap between summer wheels/tyres and winter wheels/tyres, so that always gives me a good opportunity to clean them thoroughly. Similar to the process above.

I use Mer Wheel Wax (because I bought it years ago and still have loads left) and I don't use anything but car shampoo and a sponge to clean the wheels. 

Tom, my wheels have diamond cut parts, which are lacquered, so using the wax is fine.


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Ah that's good to know.  I just keep seeing furry or discoloured diamond cut wheels lol.  I'm not even a fan of the look but they're the standard wheel.

I've used Poorboy's wheel sealant in the past but wondered about something like this?  Not cheap but if it genuinely lasts over a year Then could be worth it.


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