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Clutch Problem


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Hi All

I have a strange problem with my clutch.Anytime i stop say at traffic lights i have my foot on the clutch and in first gear ready to go then it happens the engine revs up a little l have my foot hard down on the brake my handbrake is fully on and yet the car starts pulling forward.The gearstick will not move and then the revs of the car go right down and stalls the only way i get going is to turn the engine off lift my foot off the clutch then engage the clutch move it out of 1st gear then put it back in gear then i can pull off.I can have days like this and other days i have no problems.I have had it in 3 garages one being a ford main dealer who i bought if off and they could find no problem.I took it into a garage who specialise with gearbox and clutch problems they could not find any problems no leakage of anytype as they thought it could be the slave plate.It is driving me mad and also at times quite dangerous if there is anybody out there who can shed any light on my problem i would be most grateful.

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This is called clutch drag.  It's usually caused by a faulty clutch plate and worse when hot.

In your case it could also be the slave or master cylinder bleeding off hydraulic pressure while the clutch is down.

I don't think there's going to be an easy fix for this sadly.  There will be a little trial and error if you can't immediately see the fault.  If it was mine I'd replace the master cylinder first, being the cheapest, easiest part.  If that doesn't help hen the gearbox has to come off for a 3 piece clutch kit replacement.

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I'm having same problem, stuck in first gear unless I switch engine off, any solutions? currently in dealers trying to find fault

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