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Mk4 roof sunblind stuck open

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Hi ive got a mk4 ST with panoramic roof and the sunblind that runs underneath is stuck in the open position to rear of cabin and when i try to close it, it gets to about a 1/4 closed then bumps itself back into rear of cabin. Any solutions. TIA

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There will be some sort of grit blocking it causing it to bounce back, the same thing happens if you open any of the windows with one touch open. It will get so far then spring back to close if it senses something blocking the window.

Had this issue with mine (driver window), just tried over and over for about 5 minutes and eventually it must have just dislodged whatever it thought was there and started working again.

I'd try this (as long as you're sure it doesn't sound like it may break) and it will hopefully just start working again 

Its under warranty though so just get it booked in and they'll sort it if it carries on

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