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Hydraulic pipe clamp use?

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Hi guys n gals I bought his spectacularly simple item from online and wandered how it was used to clamp hydraulic brake lines to stop leakage?

Has anyone had any experience with one of these before? It was very inexpensive and I thought it might do the job but now I have it I am unsure as to where the pipe is clamped. I thought it might have had something to do with the rubber o-ring at the end but it is not split so taking it off again after connecting hose lines together would be impossible.

With this being said where are the hoses clamped? Positions, A, B, C? I would guess at position A.


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27 minutes ago, TomsFocus said:

Flick open the clip, place around pipe at B and then close arms and secure with clip.

The plastic ones are better though, as they have several points of adjustment to cater for any size.

This particular clamp was made for hose sizes 10-20mm which I thought would be compatible with fiesta hoses. I see so it goes at point B. Thanks very much Tom, I know it wasn't rocket science but it's always best to have a second opinion.👍

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2 minutes ago, Luke4efc said:

I agree, I tend to use the plastic ones, like these if I'm doing brake hoses.


I saw those but thought they might be too tight and crease the flexis, or damage them some how. 

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I've used that type before and they work fine. Whatever you end up using it does not take much force to stop the fluid leaking (unless you press the brake pedal) because there is not much height between the reservoir and the hose.

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