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Ford Focus Estate 1.6 125 Titanium 5dr Powershift - Front LED strip stuck on after ignition is off.

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Just recently bought my first focus and love it, However i'm not sure whether i've flicked a switch by mistake or done something else to cause it or there is a genuine fault. But below the headlights is another array of lights which look like an LED strip and a front fog light. So the LED strip is super bright white normally when driving, however when i've got home and turned the car off its amber now and won't go off (Or i don't know how to turn it off more like) - Even with the ignition off the led is still on but amber in colour. See the photo. Any ideas on what is going on and how i can fix it would be appreciated, ideally if its just a setting I can change as i'm not technical so if it means pulling fuses etc i'll be booking it in to the garage first thing tomorrow. Thanks in advance 🙂


ps. If anyone knows what its called this light array as i'm not sure if its a DLR, Foglight, Parking light etc... or something else.

pps. Can anyone tell me what MK this is. Year is 2015. Thanks


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Some modern vehicles have DRLs that double as indicators. That looks like an aftermarket product designed to do the same. It clearly hasn't been installed correctly if it stays on amber for 3 hours.

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Pop them out and check the wiring it could be a bad wire stopping the signal from going to the drl controller properly or the controller itself is faulty if its aftermarket drls. Have had instances of it myself. 

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