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1.8 petrol 2009 Service Check please

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Hi all


Had a major service done this week, and im not sure they have done everything


I have looked on the ETIS website, but i need to know the scheduling , is it in the handbook ?


last year i just did an interim, this year (2 years later) i had a major service done but they have not touched the brake fluid or gearbox oil


could somebody help me please  ? hopefully someone will have some proof what a 2 year major service is or what ever im supposed to have ?




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Brake fluid is an additional cost.  Recommended every 2 years but not part of the service schedule.

Gear oil doesn't have a recommended service interval.  

Ford servicing is a bit more complicated than just major and minor, it goes on mileage/years.

I'd expect oil, oil filter, pollen filter plus possibly air filter and spark plugs (not as often as every 2 years).

The rest is all just visual checks.

You can see a schedule on ETIS, it's the link on the very bottom left when logged in.

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