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ive got a next base 422gw dash cam every now and then it wont come on a blue light is on with red light but it wont come on does any one have the same dash cam know what it might be ?

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5 hours ago, Jonro2009 said:

I think it is a problem with the battery, have you tried Google?

i havnt no i will now. the red light is on and blue light its like it frozen wont turn on

just did a google there some one with different model sying battery low mine is hard wired in would it be the battery ?

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Nextbase are notorious for failing internal batteries. You need the internal battery despite it being hardwired, the battery is used to save the last file safely when you turn the ignition off. 

I always advise people to go with a camera that has an internal capacitor and not a battery. I run a Viofo A129 duo (front and rear) and I've had it for about 4 years and it's now in its 3rd car, never missed a beat.

Next cam is going to be a BlackVue or Thinkware

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