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S-Max transmition swap from PS to manual - 2.0. EcoBoost Petrol 203/240hp

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Hi Guys, I am new here, but in big need and I hope you will be able to help me.

I am fed up with the massive money loss and repair of PowerShift reducer.

do you have any contacts, where I would be able to find the complete manual transmition with all needed parts to make a swap.

I am fully aware that it requires additional programing but I have posibility to do it. Guys will make a swap no problems, but I need parts, and as it appears, there is a problem for petrol engines.

I would highly appreciate your support.


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I admin a Mk5 Mondeo group, we have a member who is currently swapping his transmission over. Might be worth having a chat with him? He is in New Zealand but has had to source parts internationally. 

Mondeo group





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Thank a lot. any advice may support. it is highly possible I will find nice revamped manual transmission here in Poland.

I have contacted Rob already,

My S-max is 2010 but face lifted  with 2.0 ecoboost. I assume they do not differ too much,


take care!!

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